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my name is julie, and i can't live without notwistahol.

hi! i'm new here, and today i had the most incredible luck. i read the pitchfork article referenced in the previous post when i joined this afternoon, and noticed that the 13+god LP featuring members of the notwist was released today. (!) tonight, i'm wandering around urban outfitters, and i hear a voice i recognize. for a few seconds, i can't place it. and then i realize that it's markus acher and positively explode with excitement.

so. if you want to hear the new collaborative album, urban outfitters at the houston galleria is currently playing it. i attacked a manager to find out where to buy the album, and she suggested a music store i'm apparently just not indie enough to know about. fortunately, it's available online from anticon's website and maybe if i cross my fingers overnight, it'll be at best buy. maybe.

the song i heard was incredible, as expected. i can't wait to get my greedy hands on the whole album.
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